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HGST Internal Hard Drives

Whether you need drives your employees' desktops and laptops can utilize for years, or the best in large-scale bulk enterprise storage, HGST offers a full range of traditional hard disk drives (HDDs) to suit your needs.

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HDDs still offer the best value for long-term reliability, thanks to their huge capacity, nearly unlimited write\rewrite capability, and the overall stability of magnetic media.  HDDs are still used throughout computing where reliability and capacity are more critical than access speeds.  They remain a mainstay in most desktops and laptops, as well as in many networked scenarios.

HGST hard disk drives bring cutting edge technology to these well-established storage solutions.  They exclusively offer HelioSeal technology - utilizing helium within the drives to offer superior density and performance.  Helium is 1/7th the density of regular air, and is far less volatile, allowing for HDDs with vastly higher capacities and better long-term reliability.   For true mass storage in a small space, HelioSeal HDDs can offer 8 Terabytes in a single drive - or more!

They also offer plenty of traditional low-cost hard drives, perfect for large-scale rollout.  Even these products feature superior access speeds and mechanical precision in their design.  Larger on-disc cache sizes make reading and writing more accurate, minimizing the chance of any errors when dealing with your critical data.

Whether your data needs are measured in gigabtyes, terabytes, or petabytes, there are HGST hard disk drives that will offer superior long-term value.  More importantly, they will offer peace of mind, as you know that your data is being housed on some of the most advanced and reliable drives on the market.  

From startups to Fortune 500 firms, HGST drives can handle your data needs - and Hummingbird can make it easy.  Contact us directly for a full consultation on HGST hard disk drives. 

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