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HGST Internal Solid State Drives

Businesses can now accumulate data at an almost frightening rate, and need expandable storage solutions capable of holding that data long-term while providing robust high-speed read access for analytics.  Solid State Drives (SSDs) from HGST are exactly what is called for in such situations.  HGST SSDs are at the cutting edge of solid-state drive technology.   They offer the potential to exceed 100GB in storage on a single drive, along with potentially more than 500,000 mixed read\write operations per second.

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These are the solutions your data systems need for truly high-speed analytics when chewing through terabytes of information at a time.  They can also substantially increase your workforce productivity by greatly increasing software speeds and responsiveness.

HGST sits at the forefront of solid state drive technology, consistently pushing sizes and speeds forward - but without sacrificing reliability.  No matter your specific needs, there are HGST SSDs which can meet those needs while providing superior long-term ROI.  

Their solid state drives include: 

  • SAS SSDs:  Serial-Attached-SCSI offers the fastest speeds and access times for bulk data, perfect for networked drives which will face constant high demand.
  • SATA SSDs:  Internal SSDs comply with all SATA standards for desktops and larger laptops, bringing blistering speeds to every piece of software your workforce utilizes. 
  • PCIe SSDs: These NVMe™ compliant solid state drives are the best options available for a wide range of palmtops, mini-laptops and similar portable devices, allowing them to operate at maximum speeds

Solid state drives have become the defacto standard in offices around the world, thanks to their blistering speeds and transfer rates.  If you want to supercharge your offices, contact Hummingbird Networks to discuss your options in HGST SSDs.

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