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Meraki CommunicationsMeraki has made it clear their goal is to revolutionize every aspect of business networking, and now they've expanded that focus to encompass business communications as well.

The new Meraki Communications branch and their MC series line of phone systems are designed to integrate directly into existing Meraki networks, eliminating the often-difficult provisioning and compatibility problems that plagued previous attempts at merged Unified Communications. Like all their other products, Meralo phones are exceptionally easy to install and to use, making a combined voice communications system that's ready for instant deployment and no-training usage.

Beautiful high-resolution touchscreen displays and wideband voice and data support ensure the absolute best in communications. Support for a wide range of USB and cellphone headsets maintains compatibility with existing accessories. A simplified menu system makes life easier for both employees and network admins.

Hummingbird Networks carries Meraki Communications VoIP/SIP phone solutions, as well as their associated accessories and licenses.