Meraki Go Security Gateway

Meraki Go Security Gatewaymeraki go security gateway

Meraki Go is the easiest solution on the market for startups and small businesses to implement a powerful business-class network - including security!

Cyber security is all important for businesses of all sizes.  You aren't "off the radar" just because you're small.  Any business could be targeted by phishers, hackers, or crytographic ransomware.  If you have a business network, you need a solid security solution that will keep you safe - which is exactly what the Meraki Go Security Gateway provides.

This easy-to-implement box provides two-in-one protection for your Meraki Go network.  First, it functions as a stateful inspection firewall - meaning it constantly monitors all activity on your network, looking for suspicious activity.  If it detects an attack, it will shut down the connection while alerting you.  Also, with an optional Cisco Umbrella subscription, it functions as a anti-malware hub, blocking any software on your network that might try to do harm.

As with other Meraki Go products, the Meraki Go Security Gateway is exceptionally easy to set up.  Just plug it into your network, in between your routers and the incoming connection at the wall, then activate it with the Meraki Go smartphone app.  The hardware does everything else, all by itself!  It will automatically configure itself to work with your other Meraki Go devices.

Then, you can use the Meraki Go app to monitor your network security at any time.  You can see all traffic on the network, or set security policies that help keep you protected.  In short, it's the perfect solution for small business owners who need a secure network that just works, without requiring technical expertise.

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