MV12 Series


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Meraki MV12 Camera Series

For offices looking for a solid all-around option in property surveillance, with unprecedented ease of use, Meraki MV12 indoor cameras are a compelling purchase.  

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Meraki MV-series cameras are designed to integrate seamlessly into an existing Meraki network, with the same plug-and-play functionality as any other Meraki hardware.  Installing them is as simple as attaching them to the ceiling, hooking them up to the internet, and registering their serial number.  All other configuration is handled automatically by the system, and the cameras are controlled via the Meraki Dashboard - just like all your other Meraki hardware. 

When most other digital camera surveillance systems require separate networks and software to operate, that puts Meraki MV-series cameras at the forefront of usability.  

The MV12-series indoor cameras themselves all feature high-resolution 1080p video capture, which goes straight onto onboard solid-state storage.  Microphones - a new addition to the MV12 line - bring full audio surveillance as well.  Stored video can be easily streamed via the Meraki Dashboard to any location, or backed up to long-term storage.  The software also allows for features such as video walls, or automatic smart monitoring of video feeds for changes or motion.  Onboard night vision cameras give visibility up to 15m.

For connectivity, MV12 cameras can be attached to either a physical Ethernet network, or to your existing 802.11a/b/g/n/ac Wi-Fi.  

There are three variations on the MV12 camera, depending on your needs:

  • MV12WThe standard model, featuring a wide-angle 114° horizontal FoV and 256Gb of onboard storage.
  • MV12WEA lower-budget model with the 114° wide FoV, but 128Gb of storage.
  • MV12NThis model offers a narrow 73° horizontal FoV, for focusing on specific elements in a room, as well as 256Gb of space.

Meraki is pushing the boundaries in how simple and easy an in-office surveillance system can be!  Contact Hummingbird Networks to learn more about these cameras, or for a free in-office demonstration.