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cisco meraki mx65 MX65 - Meraki Firewall


The new Cisco Meraki MX65 firewall is a substantial upgrade over the previous MX64, with more features that make it attractive to small businesses looking to affordably invest in top-grade Meraki networking.

This small-form-factor security appliance adds a wide variety of security systems to your Meraki network, including a stateful-inspection firewall, IPSec VPN security, content filtering, intrusion prevention systems, and robust anti-virus/anti-malware protections. The firewall has a maximum throughput of 250Mbps -an increase of 50Mbps over the MX64- and is recommended for up to 50 concurrent users. VPN throughput is improved as well, now at 100Mbps.

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Meraki MX65As with all licensed Meraki security devices, the system remains automatically up-to-date, installing the latest software patches and security definitions the moment they're released. With Meraki's self-configuring systems, there's no easier or faster way to keep your network protected against threats.

The Meraki MX65 improves upon the older MX64 by including a much wider range of ports, turning it into a workable switch as well. It includes two GbE WAN ports, plus ten GbE LAN ports, with two featuring PoE+ support. For startups or small offices, a MX65 could be an excellent all-in-one entry point into Meraki networking.

Are you uncertain whether Meraki is the right choice for your growing SMB? Contact Hummingbird Networks and we'll set you up with a free trial, so you can see the power of Meraki networking for yourself.

You can also review further product details on the MX65-HW product page, or download the Meraki MX65 datasheet here.