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cisco meraki mx65w MX65W - Meraki Firewall

The new Cisco Meraki MX65W dual wired\wireless firewall creates a new standard in all-in-one small-business networking and security. This compact and affordable unit features an amazing array of options and features which allow it to function equally well as a first device for those new to Meraki, or mesh seamlessly into existing Meraki installations.

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The MX65W is, first and foremost, a security appliance which brings a significant security upgrade to Meraki networking. The stateful inspection firewall features GeoIP-based rules, and has a maximum throughput of 250Mbps. It's recommended for 50 users or less. The MX65W also adds full VPN support, with throughput of 100Mbps and a maximum of 25 concurrent connections. With the advanced security license, you also get a range of robust active protections against intrusion, phishing, malware, and virus-based attacks.

Meraki MX65WAs with all their products, the Meraki MX65W is exceptionally easy to install and administer. The cloud-based Meraki Dashboard interface simplifies the entire process, and requires no specific technical expertise beyond basic computer skills. There's no need to hire a dedicated administrator if you can't afford one.

The MX65W also functions as a full-featured access point and wired switch, appropriate for a wide range of small-office applications. The 802.11ac WiFi system is a full AP, supporting up to four SSIDs. It also has two dedicated Gigabit WAN ports, as well as ten Gigabit LAN ports, with PoE+ support on two ports. For small offices and startups, this Meraki firewall can truly be an all-in-one entry point to business class networking, one that's ready to grow alongside your business. Or add an MX65W to your wired network to immediately create a small parallel WiFi network. Few devices on the market feature this kind of flexibility.

Moving to a new network architecture is a daunting proposition. Before you invest, contact Hummingbird Networks and ask about our free trial option. You can fully test out Meraki in your own office, and decide whether it's right for your operations.

Or, download the full MX65W datasheet for more specifics.