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cisco meraki mc74 MC74 - Meraki Phone

Meraki Phone

The new MC74 Meraki phone sets a new standard for high-quality, easy-to-utilize business voice solutions.

Meraki MC74This first offering in the Meraki Communications branch of is a smart VoIP/SIP desk phone like no other. It's designed to work seamlessly within the overall Meraki architecture, offering the same zero-touch deployment and ease of configuration that marks their other products. With only a serial number to input, the device can be configured within seconds and be ready for use. The problems of compatibility and configuration common to other Unified Communications systems are virtually eliminated.

Then, the MC 74 Meraki SIP phone can be directly managed by admins as part of the Meraki Dashboard, like every other product. The simple GUI makes it easy to change the phone's configuration from personal use to conference room use, manage contacts, set up Interactive Voice Response menus, and more. Admins get a wealth of data on usage, as well as robust optimizations ensuring constant high-quality voice communications.

On the user side, executives and employees get an absolutely beautiful phone boasting a high-resolution 7" touchscreen that rivals many tablets. The clean casing only uses physical buttons for the most important functions - volume and mute - while everything else is handled through a simple, intuitive GUI. Everything is designed to have no significant adjustment period, and no need for training.

The Meraki MC74 is a sleek and smart new way of approaching unified voice within a standardized network architecture. For more details, the product data sheet is available to the right, or read on for further product details.