Cisco Meraki MR30H Meraki MR42E - Wireless Access Point

The new Meraki MR42e is a variation on the existing MR42, an indoor 802.11ac Wave 2 access point designed for deployments that need to custom-cisco meraki mr42ecraft their radio coverage.  Rather than internal antennas, as on the MR42, the MR42e features five separate  RP-TNC external antenna hookups.  This gives it superb flexibility, particularly when combined with the new range of Meraki antennas available.  

The MR42e can work along with any standard RP-TNC antennas but can benefit from Meraki's own antenna options.  They offer dipole antennas, omni coverage, and both wide and narrow-patch antennas.  This gives administrators the ability to shape their WiFi coverage to meet any conceivable need.

Like the MR42, the MR42e features (up to) a 3x3 MU-MIMO array, with a maximum possible bandwidth of 1.9Gbps.  It's primarily powered via Power-over-Ethernet, but external power adapters are also available.  

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With the MR42e you also get all the ease of use and convenience which Meraki is known for.  Its cloud-based mesh network allows Meraki hardware to detect each other and automatically optimize for peak performance, as well as being self-healing in the case of hardware failure.  Meraki is endlessly scalable, capable of supporting even distributed networks across multiple physical locations - all while remaining simple to manage as a single network.  The system is capable of self-updating, as well as maintaining all other Meraki software included in the package.

All this is controlled through a single-pane-of-glass Dashboard, which gives administrators unparalleled ease-of-use regardless of network size or complexity.  From high-level overviews, to user-level usage and permissions, everything is controlled through one single GUI interface.mr42e

To learn more about how the MR42e can support your business, click through to the product page, or contact Hummingbird Networks directly with your questions.