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cisco meraki mr66 MR66 - Meraki AP

MR66A Cisco Meraki MR66 access point allows for safe and secure 802.11n wireless networking in virtually any outdoor environment, featuring a rugged weatherproof case and up to 600Mbps in bandwidth.  The MR66 is a good option for mid-range levels of traffic in and around your existing buildings.

The Meraki AP MR66 works seamlessly with all other Meraki products, creating a self-configuring and self-healing network mesh that utilizes every attached device to its maximum potential.  If you have an existing Meraki network, the MR66 is truly plug-and-play, with a likely deployment time of five minutes.  The simple Meraki Dashboard GUI allows anyone, even inexperienced admins, to quickly realize the power of Meraki cloud networking.

Robust smart onboard systems do most of the work.  The MR66 can automatically scan for hardware or software attacks, including a live virus scanner and WIPS/WIDS intrusion prevention.  It also hosts a Layer 3-7 firewall.  All its onboard software is kept up-to-date automatically, guaranteeing you always have the latest protections.

Cisco Meraki networking is revolutionizing how businesses large and small build their networks.

Read the MR66 Datasheet for more details, or contact Hummingbird Networks today for a full consultation on modern cloud networking.