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Cisco Meraki MR30H Meraki MR70 - Wireless Access Point cisco meraki mr70

Affordable and easily-deployable outdoor WiFi access points can be difficult to find, but that is exactly what the Meraki MR70 AP is designed to handle.  This special low-cost variation on Meraki outdoor APs could be perfect for situations where rapid outdoor coverage is needed.

The MR70 is an 802.11ac Wave 2 MU-MIMO access point, with two radios - 2.4ghz and 5ghz - and a maximum possible throughput of 1.3Gbps.  It is ruggedized for outdoor use, with an IP67 rating for dust, debris, vibration, and moisture.  An omnidirectional internal antenna ensures a stable radius for access.  Unlike other Meraki devices, it does not include a radio for WiFi tracking and security, or a Bluetooth beacon.   Users with need of those features should look to the MR74 outdoor AP instead.

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However, the MR70 does feature the full Meraki onboard OS and Dashboard interface, allowing it to work seamlessly alongside any other Meraki hardware on your network.  It is fully cloud-aware, self-optimizing, and self-updating, as well as featuring plug-and-play deployment.  Like other Meraki products, it is capable of significant self-management, with very little administrative oversight required.

For management and configuration, the MR70 can be handled through the Meraki Dashboard - the best combination of power and simplicity on the market.  It's easy for even newcomers to get a handle on their network and oversee every attached Meraki device.  Both top-level policies and user-level bandwidth shaping are available.  

If you need outdoor access fast, while still maintaining ease of use, the MR70 could be the right ruggedized AP for your needs.  Read on for more product details or contact Hummingbird Networks with your questions. mr70

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