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cisco meraki mr72 MR72 - Meraki AP

MR72The Cisco Meraki AP - Model MR72 is a great addition to existing Meraki networks, allowing fast and powerful 802.11ac networking across extended campuses and office buildings at speeds up to 1.2Ghz  The MR72 features a rugged and weatherproofed metal case, allowing secure and reliable service in all but the worst environmental conditions.  It's an excellent option for BYOD-focused organizations with high levels of device usage.

Cisco Meraki access points are designed to be as easy-to-use as possible, with no command line knowledge required.  Every piece of hardware can pull its configuration from the existing network, bringing true plug-and-play deployment.  The onboard software also keeps itself up-to-date from the cloud, freeing your administrator from overseeing updates.

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The Meraki Dashboard GUI brings all the power you would expect from Cisco software.  The administrator has access to full packet-level traffic information, for traffic shaping and optimization.  Layer 7 systems allow per-app configuration and bandwidth restrictions, with potentially hundreds of separate settings for truly fine-tuned networking.

Cisco is the most-deployed network brand in the world, and the new Meraki AP line is already trusted by tens of thousands of businesses worldwide.  With simple deployment and powerful daily potential, Meraki can revolutionize your network.

Download the MR72 Datasheet for more details, or just contact Hummingbird Networks for a free demo.