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A Cisco Meraki MS220-48 can bring small or medium sized offices an effective and easily-managed gateway to world-class cloud-based networking.  This Layer 2 48 port Gigabit Ethernet switch can function equally well as the basis for a single-office network, or as an option in cost-effective remote office networking.

MS220-48Meraki MS line of switches are simple to deploy and administrate, whether someone is a rookie or an old hand at networking.  Everything is managed through a single cloud-based GUI, the Meraki Dashboard, which provides single-pane-of-glass access to the entire network.  Smart onboard systems continually scan for viruses, attacks, and other threats and can automatically send notifications of any trouble.  Live hardware and cable monitoring similarly reports and anomalies.   The firmware and security systems update themselves from the cloud, freeing your admin that duty.

Cisco Meraki switches are designed to create a single cloud network which can grow as large as a company needs, with easy-to-install hardware, addons, and licenses.  For more information, download the MS220-48 datasheet, and just contact Hummingbird Networks with your questions.