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The MS220-48FP is a 48 port Gigabit Ethernet switch that brings superior PoE+ support for SMBs or branch offices with a significant investment in Video/VoIP and other PoE-capable hardware.  The total power budget is 740W, allowing the MS220-48FP Layer 2 switch to power an office's worth of devices.

MS220-48FPThis Meraki switch brings simple unified voice/video/data communications that still include all the security and top-line features one expects from Cisco.  The self-optimizing network and non-blocking hardware guarantee maximum throughput, while advanced QoS and per-app traffic shaping allow detailed fine-tuning.  Multiple security systems oversee the entire network, guarding against malware and intrusions, as well as any hardware or cable problems.  The MS220-48FP self-reports any problems via text or email, based on administrator settings.  All configuration of Meraki switches and other hardware is global, done through the Meraki Dashboard cloud-based GUI.

Meraki MS series switches have fast deployment and low TCO, while empowering even new administrators to control a world-class network.  You can download the MS220-48FP datasheet here, and contact Hummingbird Networks for a free consultation or demo.