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With four SFP+ uplinks, 24 Gigabit Ethernet ports, and full PoE+ support, the MS320-24P Layer 3 switch is a perfect match for data-hungry small offices and branch deployments.  The revolutionary Meraki cloud networking system is fully self-optimizing and non-blocking, allowing every piece of hardware to perform at peak capacity, ensuring top productivity among workers, even in media-focused organizations such as games development, special effects, or video production.

MS320-24PThe Meraki MS320-24P keeps you fully protected, and ensures your network remains uncompromised.  Live anti-virus and anti-attack systems consistently monitor for any attempted intrusions, while keeping themselves automatically updated with the latest security definitions.  The MS320-24P also monitors hardware and cabling network-wide, alerting admins of any anomalies.  All Meraki licenses and hardware, are overseen and managed through the simple Meraki Dashboard, which allows even new administrators to control a world-class network.  With no command line, and so much automation, their ongoing maintenance costs will be low.

Cisco Meraki MS series switches are quickly revolutionizing cloud networking, with a single platform that any business large or small can quickly deploy.  Contact Hummingbird Networks today for a free demo or download the MS320-24P datasheet for yourself.