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The MS320-48LP Layer 3 48 port Gigabit Ethernet switch is a superior switching option for medium-and-large scale operations, able to support a wide variety of stations and users with four 10Gigabit SFP+ uplinks and 370W of PoE+ power across all ports.  This makes it an excellent choice for either local or remote deployment as a hub for Unified Communications convergence.   Deployment into existing Meraki networks is a simple plug-and-play operation, with little or no downtime.  

MS320-48LPThe scalable Meraki switch architecture is ready to grow as you need, automatically optimizing itself to make the most of all attached hardware.  All administration is handled through the simple Meraki Dashboard, which provides a single interface for overseeing your MS320-48LP Meraki switches as well as all other hardware, licenses, and accessories.   Smart onboard systems automate most common features, including software updates, virus and malware scans, attack detection\prevention, and provisioning of new appliances as they come online.  Meraki cloud networking brings superior ease-of-use, and a low TCO as a result.

Cisco Meraki switches can quickly take a business network to the next level, ready for unified voice/video/data/storage through a single centrally-controlled platform.  For more information, download the MS320-48LP datasheet, or just contact Hummingbird Networks with your questions.