cisco meraki mv21meraki security camera

The Meraki MV21 indoors security camera is a solid all-around option for businesses looking for a surveillance solution that requires a minimum of technical expertise.  Unlike other online-aware security camera systems on the market, the MV21 connects directly to your existing Meraki network via Ethernet and is managed through the same Meraki Dashboard system as all your other Meraki hardware.  

This makes the MV series of Meraki cameras the easiest-to-use security system on the market.  Like other Meraki hardware, these units are truly plug-and-play.  They can be set up and running within minutes.  

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The MV21 features a 720p camera, with a vari-focal lens capable of horizontal fields-of-view ranging from 28° - 82°.  This allows it to be deployed in a wide range of scenarios, whether you want to oversee an entire room, or keep the camera focused on a specific high-security spot.  The MV21 also offers superior nightvision, up to 30 meters (98 feet) from the camera.  It would be an excellent overnight surveillance system.

Smart motion-detection systems can also be deployed to automatically alert you if there's any change in a room which should be static.  The MV21 can protect your property, even with no humans watching.

All video is H.264 encoded, then stored on an internal 128Gb solid stage storage system.   This allows up to 20-50 days' independent surveillance.  At any time, the onboard video can be accessed via the Meraki Dashboard for download or backup.  Multiple video feeds from several cameras can also be combined into an onscreen video wall for easy at-a-glance oversight of your entire facility.  

Meraki is quickly revolutionizing business networks and internal security.  Contact Hummingbird Networks today to learn more.