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The MV71 ruggedized camera is a superior option for any business looking for an outdoor surveillance solution which requires a minimum of technical expertise to operate.  As part of the Meraki family of networking products, the MV71 is one of the first truly plug-and-play outdoor security cameras available.  It connects to your Meraki Ethernet network, and is configurable through the Meraki Dashboard like any other Meraki product.

Unlike other online-aware security cameras, it does not require a separate network or software to function.  It integrates seamlessly into your existing network within moments.

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The camera itself is rated as IP66, meaning it is proofed against dust as well as even powerful jets of water - or strong storms.  It also carries an IK10 rating, the highest possible rating against physical shock and deliberate attack.  While not truly indestructible, vandals would have an extremely hard time disabling an MV71!

The camera records at 720p, with a variable field-of-view that can be anywhere between 28° - 82° Horizontal and 21° - 61° Vertical.  This allows the MV71 to be utilized in a wide variety of conditions, whether you want to oversee a large area, or zoom in on very specific elements.  All footage captured is H.264 encoded to 128Gb of onboard solid-state storage.  30m (98 foot) nightvision capabilities give it superior nighttime performance as well, making it a good option for protecting work sites.

It even includes motion-detection capabilities and can automatically alert an operator if motion is witnessed.

All video and configuration is easily accessed from anywhere through the Cloud-based Meraki Dashboard.  Administrators can easily review, download, or archive video footage directly from the Dashboard.  They also enjoy features typical of security cameras, such as being able to create a video wall from several feeds.

Meraki MV-series cameras make on-site surveillance simple, powerful, and flexible.  Contact Hummingbird Networks to learn more! 

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