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MX400cisco meraki mx400 MX400 - Meraki Firewall

The Cisco Meraki MX400 adds significant protections to existing high-density Meraki deployments, further enhancing onboard systems security with several key additional features.  Each Meraki MX400 can support up to 2,000 users on a single unit, plus allowing up to 1,000 VPN connections.

MX400The onboard stateful inspection firewall runs at 1Gbps, with additional advanced IPSec and other VPN security functions.  An onboard 1TB hard drive allows for optimized web-caching, as well as enhancing the built-in CIPA content filtering protections.  In cases of emergency, the Meraki MX400 firewall has support for 3G/4G failover access.

A single Cisco Meraki MX400 network appliance can provide all-in-one security for a small school campus or large corporate office, making it an invaluable investment for large organizations utilizing Meraki networks.

Download the MX400 Datasheet for full product details.  Or, for a free consultation on Cisco Meraki cloud networking, just contact Hummingbird Networks.