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MX80cisco meraki mx80 MX80 - Meraki Firewall

Designed for mid-sized deployments which need to beef up their security, the Cisco Meraki MX80 firewall and security appliance adds several critical features to your existing Meraki network.  This stateful inspection firewall runs at 250Mbps, and is recommended for up to 100 users per unit.  

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MX80The Meraki MX80 firewall also adds significant VPN support, with up to 50 simultaneous connections for maximum remote security.  A 1TB onboard hard drive brings web caching and greater browsing speeds.  CIPA-certified content filtering, with native Google Safe Search and YouTube for Schools integration, makes it a good choice for campuses looking for a simple networking solution.

Like all Cisco Meraki products, the MX80 is simple to deploy and maintain. Zero-touch configuration systems allow it to instantly self-configure based on the existing network setup.  Any maintenance is handled through the same simple cloud-based Meraki Dashboard GUI as the rest of the network.

Cisco Meraki is quickly revolutionizing how businesses look at cloud networking.  Contact Hummingbird Networks today for a free Meraki demonstration or download the MX80 Datasheet for more details.