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Meraki Firewalls mx84-hw

With the new MX84, Cisco Meraki has made their MX series of security appliances even stronger. This mid-tier firewall replaces the MX80 in their lineup, with several significant improvements over their previous entry.

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This Meraki Firewall features an upgraded CPU, which delivers 2-3x the processing speed. This doubles the maximum throughput of the MX84 to 500Gbps, making it perfect for small-to-medium sized organizations that need a firewall which isn't a bottleneck. It also offers a significantly expanded range of ports, with a total of twelve Gigabit interfaces (10 Copper, 2 SFP) as well as a USB port for 3G/4G failover.

Beyond the stateful firewall, the MX84-HW brings a range of new features depending on the license you choose:

  • Site-to-site and client-based VPNs
  • Web caching with a 1TB hard drive
  • Content filtering
  • Traffic-shaping
  • DHCP services
  • Antivirus and anti-malware systems
  • Anti-phishing and intrusion detection

The MX-series firewalls are simple enough for anyone to administer, and the MX84-HW is no exception. Like all their products, it integrates directly into your existing Meraki network with little or no additional configuration needed. The Meraki Dashboard interface allows you to quickly make use of its advanced features, including identity-based policies and Layer 7 app-based configuration. Even newcomers to enterprise networking security can quickly craft a highly-secure and efficient Meraki network with the MX84.

Feel free to peruse the Meraki license options best fit for your business, or click here to download the MX84 spec sheet. If you have any questions on which Meraki security appliance is best for your business, just contact Hummingbird Networks with any questions you might have.