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NETGEAR Fast Ethernet Switch - NETGEAR Smart Switch

Netgear 10/100 Switch

Each NETGEAR Fast Ethernet switch is an extremely affordable and easy-to-implement solution for small-to-medium sized operations looking to create a firm foundation for their next-generation network.  NETGEAR brings easy deployment, simple day-to-day administration, and a future-focused software platform built to enable upgrades as your business grows.

A NETGEAR 10/100 switch brings you options for 24 or 48 Fast Ethernet ports, and 2, 4, or 6 Gigabit uplink ports.  Both copper and SFP uplink options are available.  Optional PoE support allows 15.4W power to attached devices, from a power budget up to 192W.


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All models of the Layer 2 NETGEAR smart switch family bring enterprise-grade software features.  They include VLAN support with dynamic VLAN assignment, as well as Quality-of-Service features with IPv6 passthrough.  They include world-class security features, including 802.1X/RADIUS, TACACS+, and port-based MAC security, as well as user-definable access control lists.

Deployment and implementation requires a minimum of technical expertise, as the simple NETGEAR web GUI or NETGEAR Smart Center configuration panels allow full administration from a single graphical console.

Netgear 10/100 Switch

Each NETGEAR Fast Ethernet switch is simple, reliable, and robust.  They can put world-class networking into the hands of even the smallest network, and create a platform from which it can grow into a multi-site or even global operation.

Is a NETGEAR 10/100 switch the right option for your growing business?  Read on for more product details, or contact Hummingbird Networks for a free assessment.