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NETGEAR Access Point Controllers

WC9500     Up to 200 AP's

If you're looking into affordable and easy-to-manage NETGEAR ProSAFE access points, you'll want a wireless controller to tie your WiFi network together.  NETGEAR wireless access point controllers bring superior centralized features, and make your APs ready for everyday use.

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Access Point ControllerThere is a NETGEAR wireless controller for businesses of all sizes, from single-office startups to the largest of campuses.  Regardless of network complexity, all configuration can be handled through the GUI or Business Central (as it is released online) that handles both local and remote installations.

Every NETGEAR access point brings advanced power and frequency management, to create robust and resilient networks.  Full roaming support allows easy BYOD, with users moving seamlessly throughout the network.  Most NETGEAR controllers also include self-healing features, and advanced oversight of day-to-day network usage.

Read on to pick the wireless controller that fits your business, or just contact Hummingbird Networks for a free consultation on simple and affordable wireless networking.