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NETGEAR Wireless Access Points

Each NETGEAR ProSAFE and INSIGHT Wireless Access Point brings simple, secure, and scalable 802.1ln Wireless Speeds to growing SMBs. The ProSAFE line of each NETGEAR AP allows for widespread roaming-friendly WiFi networks with full BYOD support, and all the security your business needs to ensure safe operations.

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Both deployment and configuration is simple Business Central.  Because of their extensive experience in the consumer market, they can create powerful and easy-to-use software which requires little technical expertise.  When paired with central controllers, every NETGEAR access point is largely self-configuring and require little ongoing maintenance.  Plus, every wireless access point supports NETGEAR Business Central - their SaaS solution to all-in-one cloud-based network management.

Each NETGEAR AP supports speeds from 300 to 900Mbps, depending on model, with support for inbound PoE power and up to 128 users.  Either one or two Gigabit Ethernet ports provide bandwidth.  For those in need of outdoor WiFi support, one model comes in a weatherproofed and self-heated case, perfect for extending your NETGEAR access point network across larger spaces.

Advanced 802.1lac and 802.11n features allow for robust coverage, while still supporting your older 802.1a/b/g products.  Onboard Quality of Service packet prioritization allows for fine-tuned traffic shaping.  Wireless Distribution Systems make point-to-point or point-to-multipoint meshes possible, for simple roaming.

Security is handled through WEP and WPA2, with 802.1X/RADIUS authentication.   Every ProSAFE access point has onboard Rogue AP detection as well, with some models featuring addition WIDS/WIPS protections.

There's a NETGEAR access point to fit the needs of any small or medium sized budget.  Check out your choices below, or contact us today for more information about wireless networking.