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Netgear ReadyDATA

The ReadyDATA line of NETGEAR attached network storage solutions bring true edge-to-core data availability and robust LAN/SAN unified storage at a price point that's friendly to SMBs.  Small businesses can still have big data needs, as well as vital customer records to protect.  

The ReadyDATA series of NAS storage units bring top-grade features while remaining easy to use.  The cloud based GUI allows full configuration, oversight, and disaster recovery from anywhere, liberating you from direct console connections.  The system allows for dynamic instant provisioning, expansion, or deletion of network volumes at will.  Unlimited snapshots bring truly system-wide data protection.


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NETGEAR ReadyDATA SMB storage units include high-powered features:

  • Automatic backup and syncing
  • Block-level replication across multiple drives/locations
  • Advanced de-duplication for maximum storage optimization
  • iSCSI support for easy virtualization and distributed file access
  • Thin-provisioned LUNs
  • Real-time replication
  • ZFS file systems for self-verifying and repairing data protection

Netgear ReadyDATA

Plus, all NETGEAR ReadyDATA NAS products are fully-functional out-of-the-box with no additional licensing or ongoing service contracts required.  With NETGEAR, your business only pays once for great cloud data services.

Is your small business rapidly outgrowing your off-the-shelf backup drives?  NETGEAR ReadyData has the solution in a user-friendly and highly affordable package.  Contact Hummingbird Networks today to learn more.

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