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NETGEAR S3300 - NETGEAR Gigabit Switch


The NETGEAR S3300 series of smart switches are designed to bring Gigabit to the desktop in an affordable, future-focused package that brings superior scalability over the years.

S3300 NETGEAR smart switches each bring four 10G uplinks, two 10GbE and two SFP+, each dedicated for maximum flexibility in implementation.  You have your choice of 24 port switch or 48 port switch models, with optional PoE+.  With an optional redundant power supply, total PoE+ power can go up to 1,440W.

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The S3300 series also features superior stacking capabilities:  All members of the S3300 NETGEAR Gigabit Ethernet switch family can be freely mixed-and-matched within the same stack.   Up to six S3300 NETGEAR switches can be stacked, for a potential total of 288 Gigabit Ethernet ports, and combined 40Gbps per backplane.  Even PoE and non-PoE models can be freely stacked together.


This gives an S3300 NETGEAR smart switch the ability to scale from NAS or VoIP-focused applications to hosting full onsite video surveillance or feeding multiple remote or branch offices.

Netgear S3300

The S3300 NETGEAR switch also brings fully enterprise-grade software onboard, including comprehensive IPv6 support for edge applications, advanced security including 802.1X and Access Control Lists, and snooping features for DHCP, IGMP, and MLD.  All configuration can be handled quickly and easily via Web GUI. 

A NETGEAR S3300 can bring superior value, long-term ROI, and high-speed Gigabit to the desktop to a range of small-to-medium-sized network applications.  Read on for more product specifics, or contact Hummingbird Networks for a free consultation on affordable NETGEAR switches.