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These days, even small businesses may have big data demands.  File sizes for common projects continue to grow.  Mobile, remote, or freelance-based workforce need shared access to the same software and data sources.  Plus, every business needs robust disaster recovery and options for continuity of service.

It's getting to the point that "off the shelf" data backup solutions simply can't cut it, even for startups.  This is why NETGEAR has created its line of network storage solutions, which bring big business data handling at prices aimed at SMBs.

NETGEAR offers two lines of network storage, depending on the size and needs of the buyer:

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NETGEAR ReadyNAS is an industry-first storage solution, allowing small businesses to enjoy robust backup, network access, and disaster recovery options.  The ReadyNAS line supports unlimited snapshots for around-the-clock backups, with thin client support built in for easy integration into your existing network.  ReadyNAS network attached storage also supports full encryption, with live onboard virus scanners providing further protection.  

All NETGEAR storage units are exceptionally easy to deploy and administer, with single-console access for configuration.  Onboard automation takes most of the burden off your administrator, with automatic backup systems and smart file oversight.ReadyDATA

Netgear Storage

Hummingbird Networks carries a full line of NETGEAR NAS units.  For more information on NETGEAR storage, just contact Hummingbird Networks for a free consultation.

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