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 adtran 6360 Netvanta 6360 SIP Gateway 

Adtran Netvanta 6360 IP Business GatewayOne of the biggest challenges facing carriers providing Metro Ethernet services is having the equipment necessary to interface with the variety of hardware that may be at the customer's end.  The ADTRAN NetVanta 6360 series is designed to specifically meet this need with a high-speed Carrier Ethernet IP gateway designed for flexibility and local compatibility.

The NetVanta 6360 Gateways can handle any combination of Layer 2 and Layer 3 services without the need for any additional hardware, handling all translation itself.  Likewise, it can seamlessly handle SIP-toTDM conversions.  It also incorporates a full-featured 700mbps router along with a stateful inspection firewall.  All the RJ45 ports can be independently configured to be either WAN- or LAN-facing for additional configurability.  Built-in IPSec VPN support further expands access options.

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You also have your choice of either 16 or 24 FXS ports for voice data translation, along with full NAT address translation for secure SIP-to-SIP connections.  If necessary, the NetVanta 6360 can also be expanded with a slot for T1 and SHDSL Ethernet First Mile support, designed for use with the ADTRAN Total Access 5000 platform.

The result is a single, compact, highly-optimized platform for providing Carrier Ethernet services with a minimum of hardware investment while bringing compatibility a maximum number of potential end-user setups.

Is an ADTRAN NetVanta 6360 the platform you need to support your Carrier Ethernet services?  Contact Hummingbird today for a free consultation, or read on for further product details.