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Personal Cloud

If you're operating a home business or overseeing an SMB, there's no need to pay a premium for off-site cloud hosting.  With Western Digital Personal Cloud storage solutions, you can maintain your own data cloud - quickly and easily.

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Western Digital My Cloud products are exceptionally easy to deploy, utilizing an interface which can operate on any iOS or Android smartphone or tablet.  You plug them directly into your WiFi router, configure them on your smart device, and they're ready to transmit data to you, your family, or your coworkers from anywhere.

Despite being designed for simple use, they don't hold back on storage space or features either.  You have options for either single-drive or dual-drive storage, potentially holding up to 20TB in a single unit.  The dual-drive units also feature support for RAID 1 Mirror Mode, instantly creating double backups of all data transferred to them.  There's no simpler solution for establishing multiple data backups on the market.

In addition, Western Digital My Cloud drives include USB ports for quick and easy transfer of data from portable sources.  The onboard software can also schedule automatic wireless backups from your desktops, laptops, or smart devices.  Individual protected user accounts ensure no one accidentally -or deliberately- accesses anyone else's data, while also allowing for shared folders as well.

Western Digital My Cloud takes cloud data accessibility to the next level, with highly affordable products which can be deployed by anyone, in any operating environment.  To learn more about Western Digital's remote and portable storage solutions, just contact Hummingbird Networks for a consultation.