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Polycom VVX 201For small, growing businesses looking for an affordable option in office-wide VoIP deployment, the Polycom VVX 201 has everything you need, without extra cruft driving up the price.  This two-line, two-port IP phone is simple, easy to use, and features extremely rapid deployment in virtually all existing network environments.  HD Audio at 7Khz brings superior sound quality, along with Polycom Acoustic Clarity systems for enhanced audio and lag-negation.

Polycom has superior compatibility and standards-based implementation, allowing the Polycom VVX 201 line to work instantly with your network, including server-based features such as QoS and 802.1X security.  It also supports PoE power for reduced wiring demands.    If you're looking to embrace Unified Communications in your office, the VVX201 can be deployed almost instantly, while being easy for your workforce to learn.  

Full compatibility with other Polycom phone products, as well as their proprietary API set, means the VVX201 can become your stepping stone into a much larger world of enterprise-class communications.  

VVX 201For more information, you can download the VVX 201 data sheet here, or just contact Hummingbird Networks for more information on Polycom IP phones.