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Polycom VVX - VoIP Phone

The Polycom VVX line of video and VoIP phone systems deliver top-quality performance, easy usage, and industry-leading sound quality to any office environment.  Polycom VVX business phone solutions allow multitasking workers to integrate their IP phone system into their workflow, through robust Unified Communications support.

Polycom VVX

A Polycom VVX business phone delivers top-of-the-line VoIP packet processing, creating crystal-clear sound without voice distortion.  Every model includes support for handset, headset, and speaker phone, and many support a full range of standard USB attachments.  The user interface is clear and intuitive, with full touchscreen support.

Advanced models include full videophone functionality as well, with clear 4- to 7-inch screens and onboard camera options.  Executive level conferences can be enhanced across the board, with high-definition and smooth frame rates.

Polycom VVX VoIP phone solutions are easy to deploy and manage as well, featuring plug-and-play compatibility with virtually every brand of network on the market.  A simple web GUI allows deployment-wide configuration, backed up by network-grade security systems.  Executive-level models include full API and programming support, as well as screen- and device-sharing with their Windows computers for further enhancements to their multitasking and overall productivity.

With options for every size business and budget, a Polycom VVX business phone rollout can swiftly bring true 21st Century communications to your office.  Browse our full product line below, or contact Hummingbird Networks for more information about the advantages of Polycom IP phone systems.

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Polycom VVX 101, 1 Line Desk Phone
Polycom VVX 201, 2 Line Desk Phone
Polycom VVX 300
, Simple 10/100 Desk Phone

Polycom VVX 310, Simple Gigabit Ethernet Desk Phone
Polycom VVX 400, Color 10/100 Desk Phone
Polycom VVX 410, Color Gigabit Ethernet Desk Phone
Polycom VVX 500, Color Gigabit Ethernet Executive Desk Phone, optional video
Polycom VVX 600, Color Gigabit Ethernet Executive Touch Screen Desk Phone, optional video