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A Polycom VoIP phone can transform any office, large or small, into a VoIP enabled productivity center that's ready for full Unified Communications integration.  

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A Polycom speaker phone is designed to ease the transition to IP phone and videoconferencing with products that are simple to deploy, manage, and use while still providing industry-leading service.  Polycom phones integrate custom hardware and software features to bring the clearest VoIP phone quality in the industry.  Their proprietary packet processing systems minimize lag, echo, and distortion, with built-in background noise suppression whether you're on handset, headset, or speaker phone.

Polycom Phones

Polycom business phone systems are fully standards-based for maximum out-of-the-box compatibility with every significant brand of networking equipment on the market.  They include onboard support for network-side features such as QoS and Network Address Translation.  Advanced models also include a full API toolkit for easy creation of server-side apps which take full advantage of Polycom's feature set.

 The phones themselves are made simple to use, with onboard graphical interfaces easing day-to-day usage.  Color screens and touchscreens are available, along with the option for full all-in-one videoconferencing with a USB camera attachment.  Their onboard web browsers include full HTML5, Java, and CSS compatibility for robust app integration. 

Polycom VoIP phone solutions are trusted in businesses large and small.  From cubicle-level phones, to conference phones, to full-sized executive videophones, Polycom has telephony options for every business at every budget.

Need help deciding on which Polycom VoIP phone is best for your business?  Contact Hummingbird Networks for a free consultation.

Polycom Phones


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