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ReadyDATA 516 - NETGEAR Storage

ReadyDATA 516

The NETGEAR ReadyDATA 516 series network attached storage solutions bring world-class data services to growing SMBs.  Regulations on data-handling rarely make exceptions for small businesses, and a data disaster can be disastrous to businesses large OR small.  NETGEAR brings you the protections you need to succeed in the 21st Century.

The advanced ReadyDATA 516 NAS brings high-end features in a desktop-sized case, for true unified storage across your WAN, LAN, or SAN.  ZFS file system support brings robust internal data protections, with block-level replication of data.  The ReadyDATA 516 line allows unlimited snapshots and rollback points for 24x7 data protection.  Storage space is maximized with advanced compression and de-duplication tactics.


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Each of the six drive bays is hot-swappable, and supports a variety of industry-standard 1-4TB enterprise-class drives.  Each volume allows for thin-provisioned LUNs, as well as real-time creation and expansion.  Two Gigabit-speed LAN ports provide access.

A full cloud-based GUI allows instant access and management from anywhere.  Should disaster strike, full disaster recovery is available via any Internet-connected device, even a smartphone.

ReadyDATA 516

The NETGEAR ReadyDATA 516 line is a superior option in world-class data storage, which is accessible to businesses of almost any size.  Read on for further product details, or contact Hummingbird Networks for a free consultation on ReadyDATA NAS systems.