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ReadyDATA 5200

ReadyDATA 5200

The NETGEAR ReadyDATA 5200 is a high-powered, enterprise-grade unified storage solution, priced at a point that makes it affordable for growing businesses.  Unlike most competing enterprise storage solutions, NETGEAR ReadyDATA  units come with full functionality out of the box, without the need for feature unlocks or required cloud services contracts.

With up to 48TB of storage, and a total of four LAN ports -including two 10GbE ports- the ReadyDATA 5200 is ready for a variety of roles.  It can serve equally well on a LAN, WAN, or SAN, as well as being well-suited to virtualization and unified data systems.  The drive bays can handle a mixture of HDD and SDD drives, with access optimizations designed to get the best performance from both.

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NETGEAR ReadyDATA systems support unlimited snapshots for 24/7 data coverage, as well as allowing for block-level replication for robust local or remote recovery solutions.  Onboard de-duplication systems as well as built-in encryption allow your hard drive space to go further, lessening the need for frequent expansions.  However, when more space is needed, every drive bay is plug-and-play, with both thin client and thin provisioning support for instant setup.

This is tied together with a single cloud-based management platform that's designed to require minimal expertise.  Your entire NETGEAR storage system can be overseen and administered from a single console, with simple remote disaster recovery options.

ReadyDATA 5200

The NETGEAR ReadyDATA 5200 is an affordable and powerful pay-as-you-grow solution for SMB storage, backup, and recovery.  More product details follow, or you can download the ReadyDATA 5200 datasheet here.

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