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NETGEAR ReadyNAS 2120 - NETGEAR Storage

ReadyNAS 2120

The NETGEAR ReadyNAS 2120 series network attached storage units bring superior high-speed virtualized cloud storage, data backup, and disaster recovery at prices friendly to SMBs.   Each 2120 NAS storage system has four drive bays, which accept up Desktop or Enterprise class HDD, with two Gigabit Ethernet LAN interfaces for uplink.

The ReadyNAS 2120 NAS storage line requires little technical expertise to deploy and administer, thanks to the smart hardware and software.  XRAID2 compatibility brings hot-swappable drives and instant volume provisioning.  VMWare and Microsoft certification allow for quick virtualization into existing virtual systems.  Most routine tasks, such as daily backups/syncing can be fully automated.

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When your administrator does need to access your NETGEAR NAS storage, it's through a single-window cloud-based GUI without command lines to deal with.   

ReadyNAS 2120

Your data itself is protected with drive-wide encryption, plus multiple autonomous monitoring services.  A live virus-scanner protects against malware, while NETGEAR "bit rot" prevention systems keep a block-by-block watch for accidental data corruption.

A NETGEAR ReadyNAS 2120 cloud storage unit allows SMBs to enjoy the power and flexibility of big-businss data storage, at affordable prices.  Read the ReadyNAS 2120 Datasheet for more product details, or contact Hummingbird Networks for more information.

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