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NETGEAR ReadyNAS 312 - NETGEAR Storage

ReadyNAS 312

NETGEAR ReadyNAS 312 network attached storage solutions are an excellent entry-level option that allow even startups to immediately enjoy all the benefits of enterprise-class cloud storage.  NETGEAR makes it easy and affordable, while still including a fully cloud-managed system with full-featured data protection, virtualization, and simple expansion options.

A ReadyNAS 312 series network storage devices allow automatic backup and sync functions, for around-the-clock rollback options, along with unlimited snapshot capacity.  Automatic RAID failover systems prevent data loss, while proprietary bit rot protection guards against accidental data corruption.  Every ReadyNAS cloud storage option also includes onboard smart antivirus systems, plus proprietary NETGEAR high-bitrate encryption.

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Your data is safe with NETGEAR NAS, no matter where it's stored. 

NETGEAR also brings robust virtualization compatibility, with iSCSI and thin client support.  ReadyNAS 312 series NAS drives are also fully certified to work with Microsoft and VMWare virtualization systems. Additionally, it includes a full ReadyDLNA media server for hosting your corporate media files, along with Plex and iTunes server support.

ReadyNAS 312

A ReadyNAS 312 brings superior data protection, disaster recovery, and file access at highly affordable prices, even for startups. Contact Hummingbird today for a free consultation on network attached storage options, or read on for individual product details.