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ReadyNAS 3220

The NETGEAR ReadyNAS 3220 line of 12-bay network attached storage units are an excellent mid-range option for SMBs who are coming to need serious data storage solutions.  Even smaller businesses can still need significant backups, and 48 Terabyte NETGEAR ReadyNAS storage devices are designed to make it simple.

ReadyNAS 3220 NAS storage solutions come with smart onboard software and hardware that takes over many administrative functions, and utilizes a simple cloud-based GUI to handle any configuration.  NETGEAR NAS Drives support XRAID2 instant provisioning, as well as Microsoft and VMWare certification and iSCSI support, for rapid integration into your network.

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Additionally, Most backup and syncing functions can be fully automated, plus you get unlimited snapshots.  This brings 24x7 data recoverability.

ReadyNAS 3220

Onboard security protects your data in multiple ways.  You get fully-encrypted hard drives, which are overseen by both a live anti-virus scanner and proprietary block-based data corruption prevention systems.  Automatic failover systems reduce downtime.  Through the Cloud GUI, you can initiate full disaster recovery from any location.

ReadyNAS by NETGEAR NAS storage solutions can bring everything a growing business needs for superior Enterprise grade data solutions.  Download the ReadyNAS 3220 Datasheet and read on for your options in hard drive configurations, or contact Hummingbird Networks for all the details.