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ReadyNAS 516 - NETGEAR Storage

ReadyNAS 516

The NETGEAR ReadyNAS 516 line of network attached storage devices is an excellent mid-range choice for a variety of SMBs looking for superior Enterprise-class online network storage.  These six-bay, 36TB cloud storage solutions can come pre-populated with several drives, or you can choose an empty model to hold your own drives.

Either way, you get some of the most advanced NAS storage solutions on the SMB market, designed specifically for the needs of smaller growing operations.  The CLOUDReady online GUI is designed to be simple and powerful, allowing quick deployment even by non-experts.  Many common functions are also fully automated, to take the burden off your administrator, including scheduled backups, and instant drive provisioning via XRAID2 protocols.

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Onboard security systems keep you up to standards in modern data protection.  Every drive is fully encrypted, and overseen by a live virus scanner.  The ReadyNAS 516 line also has proprietary block-based onboard data oversight, guarding against accidental data corruption and "bit rot."  In case of emergency, the cloud GUI allows for disaster recovery from any location or device.

NETGEAR NAS drives are ready for virtualization as well, with full iSCSI support with thin clients.  These are certified for both Microsoft and VMWare virtual systems, making discovery and integration simple.

ReadyNAS 516

A NETGEAR ReadyNAS 516 is an excellent choice for future-focused SMBs looking to embrace Enterprise-grade cloud storage, backup, and disaster recovery options.  Download the ReadyNAS 516 Datasheet or contact Hummingbird Networks today for a free consultation.