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sennheiser Bluetooth headsets
Sennheiser Bluetooth Headsets

With Sennheiser wireless Bluetooth headsets, you're bringing the top name in audio into your office in a form which is simple to integrate into your existing telephony, VoIP, or Unified Communications network.

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For decades, within the audio production and listening industry, there has been Sennheiser and then everyone else.  Few brands have done more to advance the state of the art in audio listening devices, creating exceptional products year after year which have made them the top choice for audio professionals seeking the best and most comfortable products.  Now, Sennheiser brings that same philosophy to the office with a line of Bluetooth-compatible wireless headsets designed to offer superior sound quality and superior comfort to a workforce which relies on headsets for long periods.

Sennheiser Bluetooth headsets feature extra-long talk time -up to fifteen hours- while requiring only short recharge cycles.  Most models can recharge in a half-hour or less.  Simple controls integrated into the charging station make it easy for workers to control their headsets, adjusting the volume or disconnecting entirely.  High-quality leatherette or foam-based earpieces and headbands ensure hour after hour of comfortable use without pinching or chafing.

In addition, no one bests Sennheiser at innovative technologies intended to improve audio quality.  Sennheiser Bluetooth headsets feature noise-cancelling HD mics for superior transmission, as well as sound-smoothing technologies which make them easy on the ears.  Volume protection and sound specialization help protect against hearing loss, while providing a naturalistic soundscape more like everyday in-room conversations.  

There are plenty of options in headsets on the market, but only one Sennheiser.  If your office needs the best in audio quality and comfort to maximize productivity from day to day, contact Hummingbird Networks to learn how easy outfitting your office with Sennheiser can be.