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Sennheiser Wired USB Headsets

If you need superior all-around wired headsets which are compatible with a wide range of USB-based telephony devices, an investment into Sennheiser wired USB headsets could have your entire office thanking you.  

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After decades of dominating both consumer- and professional-grade audio equipment, Sennheiser entered the business headset market understanding that there's more to headsets than just the technology "under the hood."  They understand that in jobs where headsets are integral, those headsets need to be both functional and comfortable.  Whether they're in the recording booth, a call center cube farm, or a private office, a worker is going to be distracted and less productive if they're constantly fighting to find a comfortable fit for their headgear.  Over weeks, months, or years, low-quality headsets which pinch or chafe will just be a source of irritation and problems for the workers using them.

So Sennheiser has designed a line of wired USB headsets which combine the latest in technologies to guarantee superior sound reproduction with highly-comfortable designs intended to make their headsets a true joy to use.

Even the lowest end of Sennheiser USB headset models feature comfortable leatherette or foam earpieces, designed to remain in place for hours at a time without causing discomfort.  All pieces are easily adjusted, including the microphone, which has a fully-flexible arm for exact placement.  Premium models take this further, adding a second padded earpiece and top-bar padding as well.  

Beyond comfort, Sennheiser integrates superior technology into their USB headsets as well, including:

  • ActiveGuard sound monitoring, which 'listens' for sudden increases or decreases in volume and adjusts the gain to match.  There's far less risk of hearing damage if an unexpected loud noise occurs.
  • RoomExperience sound spacializing, which makes it sound as though voices are a comfortable few feet away rather than immediately next to the ear.
  • Superior HD microphones designed by some of the best in the business for perfect audio capture and reproduction.
  • Noise cancellation integrated into the mic to prevent ambient-noise distortion or unclear transmission.
  • Easy integration into existing Unified Communication setups with a minimum of configuration or rollout time.

Reduce downtime and increase productivity with top-grade Sennheiser wired USB headsets.  Contact Hummingbird Networks today to learn more.

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