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sennheiser wired headsets
Sennheiser Wired Headsets

A perfect solution for office-wide rollouts of superior headset technology that still works with traditional telephones, Sennheiser wired headsets will become the headsets your workforce never want to take off.

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With their many years creating the best and most comfortable headsets available for consumer and audio-production use, Sennheiser was aware that far too many commercial headsets are simply uncomfortable to use - particularly for long periods.  They've worked for years to create a line of wired headsets which are supremely comfortable, while also integrating all the technological advances Sennheiser is known for in their professional audio production equipment.  The result are some of the best headsets you could possibly implement in your office, in terms of comfort, build quality, and sound reproduction.

Sennheiser also offers a wide range of models at different price points, ensuring there are great options for every level of the workforce which won't break your budget.  Depending on the model, you can choose between:

  • Single-ear or double-ear headsets, for different office needs.
  • Leatherette or light-foam earpieces, creating exceptional comfort even during long term use.
  • Easily-adjustable flexible mic arms that make it simple to position the mic perfectly.
  • Multiple wiring options, including traditional 2.5" jacks, USB, or even combo wires with adapters for flexible implementations.

Whichever style of Sennheiser wired headset you select, you'll be benefiting their expertise in sound design.  Sennheiser headsets implement superior noise-cancellation and ActiveGuard volume-correction technologies.  Sounds are crystal-clear, and your workforce is protected from sudden loud noises which might harm their hearing.  High-gain, high-bandwidth microphones ensure superior audio capturing and transmission.  Easy compatibility with existing telephony or UC systems make implementation of Sennheiser headsets a breeze as well.

Sennheiser has been the standard in audio equipment for decades, and their line of business headsets is no exception.  If you're looking to provide the best in equipment to a workforce that needs comfortable telephony headgear, contact Hummingbird Networks to learn more about Sennheiser. 


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