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FAP-221E Smart Access Pointfortinet smart access points

Fortinet FortiAP Smart Access WiFi APs are a game-changer when it comes to secure WiFi access.  These APs simultaneously function as high-speed 802.11ac Wave 2 access points, while also including a full suite of Fortinet security systems built directly into the hardware.  The result is an all-in-one cloud-managed AP that allows you to put WiFi anywhere, even outside your standard network, without sacrificing security.  

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You get all the protections needed for your workforce to feel secure when connected to WiFi.  Out of the box, FortiAP Smart Access APs include anti-virus scanning, web filtering, application control, and onboard IPS. These APs, alone, meet PCI-DSS compliance standards.

Each FortiAP Smart Access unit can be managed locally through the FortiOS operating system, or remotely through Fortinet's free FortiCloud management service for remote access.  In either case, admins get full access to historical data as well as real-time usage information, with the capability of running needed reports - including PCI-DSS reports.  Administrators get more options for deployment and oversight, without sacrificing security or oversight power.

There are three options available in the FortiAP Smart Access series:

  • FAP-S221E - A medium-density AP with four internal radios, with MU-MIMO support for extra connection stability.  Maximum possible throughput: 300Mbps (2.4ghz) + 867Mbps (5ghz).
  • FAP-S223E - A medium-density AP with four external antenna connectors, for advanced coverage shaping.  Like the S221E, it has four MU-MIMO radios and top theoretical speeds of 300+867Mbps.
  • FAP-S421E - A high-speed high-density AP capable of up to 800Mbps + 1.7Gbps, giving it unparalleled capacity to handle users and IoT devices while still maintaining top levels of security.  

When you invest in a Fortinet FortiAP Smart Access AP, you are getting top speeds and top-quality protections for your business.  Are Fortinet products the right choice for your operation's security measures?  Contact Hummingbird Networks for a full consultation.

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