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sophos xg 650

If your large-scale global operation is making you a high-profile target for attacks and cybercrime, you need security to match.  With the Sophos XG 650 (Rev.2) firewall, you get an absolutely top-line combination of hardware and software security features which can be custom-tailored to your needs.

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Out of the box, the Sophos XG 650 goes above and beyond the typical rackmount firewall.  Its deep-inspection routines are among the most comprehensive available, protecting you from a range of threats including trojans, DDOS attacks, and viruses.  It can also protect you from your own users, with "Layer 8" monitoring of user behavior and flagging of suspicious or high-risk activity.  Dual power supplies and dual SSDs allow robust failover and redundancy for reliability.  State-of-the-art Intel processors ensure smooth performance in all implementations.

Additionally, bundles of software packages can expand your protection to be truly end-to-end, and even into the cloud.  Advanced features such as "Sandstorm" sandbox segregation of suspicious packages, and Network Heartbeat synchronization of security measures between distributed offices, help ensure your organization is covered as thoroughly as modern technology allows.

The Sophos XG 650 next-gen firewall features:

  • 4 FleXiPort slots
  • Dual hot-swappable SSDs (RAID)
  • 1 8-Port GbE FleXi Port copper module (default)
  • Front-panel LCD display
  • 4 USB ports
  • 1 VGA port
  • 85 Gbps firewall throughput
  • 9 Gbps VPN throughput
  • 20 Gbps IPS throughput
  • 13 Gbps antivirus throughput

Sophos offers true top-of-the-line solutions for modern distributed corporate security, and will provide you the protection you need in today's world of cybercrime.  Contact Hummingbird Networks today to make it happen. Sophos xg firewall

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