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Designed primarily for use within an existing Fortinet security setup, FortiAP series WiFi access points deliver the cutting-edge speeds your business needs day-to-day, but without sacrificing security.  FortiAP units integrate seamlessly into Fortinet deployments, adding to your overall security fabric and helping to guarantee end-to-end total protection for everyone and everything on your network.

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FortiAP access points are designed to be simple to deploy, with rapid setup.  They are controlled via your existing Fortinet setup, and are configured though the FortiOS interface.  As with all Fortinet products, every FortiAP appears in the single-pane-of-glass dashboard, allowing admins instant oversight of every AP on their network - as well as its usage.

Fortunately, security does not mean sacrificing speed.  FortiAP units are 802.11ac Wave 1 or Wave 2, featuring multiple radios, dual band support, and high top speeds.    You have plenty of choices in this line, including:

  • FAP-320C - 802.11ac Wave 1 with dual radios and redundant double Ethernet ports for extra reliability
  • FAP-321C - Wave 1, in a "smoke detector" form which is unobtrusive and perfect for hospitality businesses
  • FAP-222C - A rugged (IP67) outdoor Wave 1 AP with multiple external antenna options.
  • FAP-221E - A solid all-around 802.11ac Wave 2 with dual radios
  • FAP-223E - Wave 2 with external antenna connectors for advanced beamshaping
  • FAP-222E - Outdoor Wave 2 with external antenna connectors
  • FAP-224E - Outdoor Wave 2 with internal antennas 
  • FAP-421E - High-speed four-radio Wave 2 
  • FAP-423E - High-speed four-radio Wave 2 with external antenna connectors
  • FAP-C24JE - Discrete wall plate AP combining Wave 2 speeds with existing RJ45 passthrough; perfect for hotel or hospital rooms

No matter what FortiAP access point you choose, you'll get a top-quality access point with the latest in high speeds, while still enjoying all the benefits of secure Fortinet systems.  Don't let your access points be the weak link in your security setup - contact Hummingbird Networks to learn more about Fortinet FortiAP systems.

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