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High-Capacity Network Storage and Backup Solutions From Hummingbird Networks

The larger your network grows, the more important it becomes to invest in data storage solutions which can address your needs now and in the years to come.  Data storage isn't necessarily the first thing many businesses think of when designing their network, but it's a truly critical element - particularly as laws continue to be added which regulate how companies handle data.

With the right network storage solution, you get multiple benefits:

  • Robust backups, allowing you to preserve your data and guarantee continuity-of-business in case of a data disaster such as server failure or cyber-attack.
  • Improved file-sharing and collaboration among your workforce.  Well-implemented file-sharing systems allow for greatly increased productivity, while poor file-sharing will inhibit it.
  • Easy access for customers to their own data, depending on your business type, such as personal records, software updates, or other files which they may need for their own business.
  • Simple expandability, often allowing for "plug and play" additions of more storage space as demand grows without the need to overall your storage architecture.

There are two basic types of network storage available, each with their advantages:

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Network Attached Storage (NAS)

These are storage devices attached directly to your existing business network, or to individual computers.  Any direct-connect hard drive or USB thumbstick is a form of NAS, as are shared drives connected straight to your network

Storage Area Network (SAN)

A SAN is a cluster of networked drives operating on their own LAN, often with dedicated high-speed internal fiber-optic connections to ensure maximum speed.  The SAN is then linked to your own LAN to allow high-speed connections while still allowing for necessary security restrictions.

Hummingbird Networks can help you design the perfect network storage solution for your needs, based on our partnerships with top NAS and SAN vendors in the industry.  Read on for more details on specific brands, or just contact Hummingbird directly for a free consultation on your options!

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