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Ubiquiti UniFi AP AC EDU

uap ac eduUbiquiti is making a big splash with their innovative low-cost approach to making high-speed 802.11ac WiFi available on a widespread basis, while implementing unique targeted feature sets.  Nowhere is this more evident than in their UniFi AP AC EDU units, targeted directly at the educational market with a combination of WiFi and public-access capabilities.

Every UniFi EDU access point includes a built-in speaker, which can be accessed via a simple smart-device application.  No matter where you are on campus -or even off-campus- you have full public address power with just a few taps on your smartphone or tablet.  Broadcast to every EDU access point, or just a few - it's up to you.

However, the UniFi EDU is no joke - beyond its PA capabilities, it's a high-powered 802.11ac access point capable of bringing high-speed access to every classroom on campus.  By utilizing 3x3 MIMO antenna arrays, the EDU has dual-band coverage:  You get up to 450Mbps over 2.4ghz frequencies, and 1300Mbps max speeds on 5ghz.  Each unit has a broadcast range of 400 feet, more than enough to cover classrooms and hallways.  Full 802.3at PoE+ support on a secondary Ethernet port allows it to co-exist easily with existing appliances, while extending its connection capabilities.

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No particular networking expertise is necessary to use and deploy Ubiquiti UniFi products either.  They are designed to be simple to set up and maintain, with all control functions centered in a single piece of software which can be accessed locally or over the cloud.  Do you have extended or branch campus networks?  Ubiquiti can tie them all together in a single interface that gives you and your admin complete oversight of usage, along with innovative features such as real-time heat maps of your WiFi coverage.

Further adding to the value is Ubiquiti's no-fee policy.  Unlike many other networking brands, no further ongoing licensing costs or service packages of any type are required for full functionality.  

unifi apNo other WiFi access point on the market offers the same range of features specifically aimed at the needs of the educational market while remaining so cost-effective.  Download the UAP-AC-EDU datasheet and contact Hummingbird Networks today and leverage our expertise at bringing top-line networking to schools and universities at budget-friendly prices.