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Ubiquiti UniFi AP AC Lite

Bring 802.11ac WiFi to your office at a truly unprecedented low price point, with Ubiquiti UniFi AP AC Lite access points!  With each AP costing ubiquiti unifiless than $100 each, and with bulk discounts available for buying five-packs, there is truly no more cost-effective way to upgrade your business to the latest in WiFi technology.  

How is Ubiquiti able to offer 5ghz 802.11ac connectivity at such low costs?  By offering a smart balance of features.  The UniFi AP AC Lite still includes everything a growing business would need for superior connectivity while allowing for unlimited scalability as your operation grows.  Their smart software-based control system reduces the need for onboard controller hardware, while allowing you full access and oversight through their local- or cloud-based administration dashboard.

These 2x2 MIMO access points offer dual-band access, with up to 300Mbps connections on the 2.4ghz radio, and 867Mbps over 5ghz.  Smart RF-analysis features within the controller software allow Ubiquiti to constantly monitor the local radio network, adjusting frequency usage to maximize connection speeds and user reliability.  Each AP has a broadcast radius of up to 400 feet, and also supports 24V passive PoE.

This is all put into an attractive and surprisingly small case which can go nearly anywhere, thanks to Ubiquiti's easy-mount brackets.  LED lights on the shell even provide valuable feedback, or allow a particular AP to be located visually by activating a blink feature.

You also get industry-standard WiFi security, including WEP, WPA-PSK, and WPA-Enterprise.  Advanced QoS features and guest portals are also supported, complete with limited-use tokens or pay-for-access capabilities.  There is no option on the market that allows you to monetize your WiFi access for less up-front investment cost.  Then, on top of that, Ubiquiti products require no additional licensing or service fees of any type.  When you buy a Ubiquiti access point, you own it.  

ubiquiti wireless access pointAt these price points, there is very little argument left against embracing 802.11ac anywhere and everywhere.  Download the UAP-AC-Lite Datasheet and contact Hummingbird Networks today to learn more about just how cost-effective Ubiquiti can be!