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Ubiquiti UniFi VoIP Phone

With prices starting at under $150, Ubiquiti does it again:  Full-featured VoIP touch screen phones with all the features you need and a price tag which can fit virtually any budget.  Further, as with their other products, Ubiquiti charges no extra fees on top of the hardware.  There is no additional software licensing, service costs, or required provider bundling.

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All Ubiquiti UVP phones feature plug-and-play installation when used on an existing Ubiquiti network.  They integrate directly into Ubiquiti switches and/or security gateways, and are managed through the exact same dashboard software as the rest of your Ubiquiti network.  Even a widespread deployment of UVP phones across an office can be managed simply and effectively, with bulk firmware upgrades and extension management.

Moreover, Ubiquiti phones increase their potential utility value by being powered by the Android operating system.  There's no locked-in proprietary software.  Every UVP phone has full access to the Google Play store along with web-browsing and productivity apps.  They're the best aspects of a desk phone and a smartphone, combined into affordable standalone units.

There are three options in the Ubiquiti UniFi VoIP Phone lineup:

  • UVP:  The entry-level model, the UVP is perfect as an everyday desk phone, featuring a bright 5" full-color multi-touch display with high-fidelity audio.
  • UVP-Pro:  Breaking the price barrier on full-featured IP communications, the UVP-Pro includes a built-in camera for videoconferencing as well as WiFi connection capabilities and Bluetooth headset support.
  • UVP-Executive:  Designed for elite use, the UVP-Executive model features a deluxe 7" widescreen multi-touch screen, along with built-in stereo sound and all the other features of the UVP-Pro.

UVP phones are an excellent solution for office environments, schools, hospitals, hotels, and other locations looking to provide excellent VoIP services at low initial costs.

ubiquiti UVP phoneHaving an entire office of IP-powered videophones might finally be within reach.  Contact Hummingbird Networks today to learn about how affordable Ubiquiti makes modern teleconferencing.