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    2-in-1 - backup and replication combined
    With Veeam Backup & Replication, organizations can benefit from a unified solution for both backup and replication to protect virtual machines from both hardware and software failure. Both backup techniques can be optionally used with the VMware Consolidated Backup (VCB) framework, reducing the load on ESX servers and allowing for faster back up. Simply choose the option that is right for each virtual machine, and manage them all with Veeam Backup & Replication.
  • ESXi support with and without VCB
    While others promise - Veeam delivers! In addition to the ESXi backup through VCB that was introduced with version 2.0, Veeam Backup & Replication supports ESXi backup without VCB. Veeam Backup & Replication is the only VMware backup solution that lets you backup and restore virtual machines running on ESXi without requiring VCB.
  • File-level recovery in seconds
    Veeam's fast file-level recovery feature allows you to restore individual files from your image-level backups and replicas in seconds, without having to extract the full VM image to your local drive. And you can extract individual files to the latest state or to a specific point in time. This capability also means you no longer have to back up your data twice in order to have both file-level and image-level recovery readily available. Veeam's file-level recovery supports most major operating and file systems, including Windows, Linux, BSD, Mac and others.
  • Reduced storage costs with data de-duplication
    When performing backups of multiple virtual machines, Veeam Backup & Replication de-duplicates similar blocks inside the backup file. De-duplication provides exceptional results when you back up multiple virtual machines created from a single template, or VMs with gigabytes of free space on their pre-allocated logical drives. Data de-duplication reduces disk space requirements for your backups, which results in significant cost savings. Veeam Backup & Replication also offers a compatibility mode for storage devices using hardware de-duplication.
  • Faster backup and restore with synthetic backup
    Veeam Backup & Replication uses a synthetic backup technique that allows you to do a full backup only once, and incrementally back up only the changes in all subsequent runs. During each incremental backup, the software rebuilds the last full image to the most recent state, and calculates a reverse increment to store the historical change data. This provides you with a full VM image for quickest restore to the latest state, while reverse increments allow for restoration to any point in time in case of software corruption.
  • Integration with VMware Consolidated Backup (VCB)
    To achieve the smallest backup window, Veeam Backup & Replication leverages VMware snapshots and optionally integrates with the VCB framework. Using its proprietary "VCB on-the-fly" technology, Veeam Backup & Replication does not require storing VM images on the VCB proxy during backup, allowing for faster backup directly to the target without requiring additional VCB proxy disk space. Veeam Backup & Replication also supports incremental backup through VCB, which is not supported natively.
    Discovers all there is to know
    About your infrastructure. See the whole picture from the viewpoint of Network, Configuration, Storage and VMotion. Now you can easily see the most important properties and configuration settings for all inventory objects from interactive and printable reports.
  • Container based collection
    Now you can select the root object you want to report on and receive the good looking Visio reports by Datacenter, Cluster or Folder. The flexibility to limit the collection scope is crucial when managing large VirtualCenter environments.
  • Storage capacity report
    Provides statistics on datastore capacity and utilization, virtual machine population on those datastores, and lets you see what virtual machines are running out of free space on their logical disks.
  • Excel spreadsheets
    Reporting via structured Excel spreadsheets helps you quickly search large amounts of data to find the detail you need.
  • Word and PDF reports
    Word and PDF versions of the reports document your Virtual Infrastructure; comparing versions of documents in Word helps you track changes
    Performance analysis for virtual server and VDI workloads
    Veeam Monitor shows comprehensive resource consumption and workload data, for hosts, clusters, and datastores, with visibility all the way down to the individual VM level and applications running inside of it. Find out at a glance which components of your VMware infrastructure are the largest resource consumers, and which ESX hosts are least loaded - right now and over time. View actual cumulative I/O load on a particular datastore to determine whether it is overloaded, or can handle more VMs. Drill-down into Windows and Linux VMs, ESX hosts and vCenter servers to monitor resource usage for specific applications. These capabilities speed up analysis and troubleshooting, and help you determine potential resource bottlenecks for both virtual server and VDI workloads.
  • Storage monitoring
    Veeam Monitor provides full storage monitoring capabilities, including disk space, disk issues and datastore monitoring. The latter allows for viewing datastore load information aggregated from disk utilization statistics of all VMs and hosts using the specific datastore. This allows you to see the actual cumulative load on a particular datastore, and set up an alarm that fires off when the datastore load is above a specified threshold. Datastore I/O monitoring is a unique Veeam Monitor feature not available from other VMware monitoring applications.
  • Hardware monitoring
    To provide the most complete picture of your virtual datacenter, Veeam Monitor provides you with ESX server hardware sensor information. This allows the VMware monitoring team to track physical hardware status (including ventilation, enclosure, power and other subsystems status) directly in Veeam Monitor. This eliminates the need for service-console-based hardware monitoring agents, which are not supported on ESXi servers.
  • Correlation of event and performance data
    Veeam Monitor helps you understand how virtual infrastructure activities affect your VM performance, and solve resource usage mysteries with real-time monitoring graphs displaying known virtual infrastructure events, such as VMotion, snapshot creation and deletion, or backup activities, directly on the performance graphs.
  • Capacity planning and trend analysis
    All resource usage views support consumption trending and capacity planning, providing you with the historical data you need to proactively plan the growth and deployment of new virtual machines. Generate detailed graphical Excel or HTML performance and uptime reports for any period of time to review SLA, analyze resource consumption trends and plan capacity, or to use this information for chargeback. Both manual and automatic report generation are supported, and options are provided to publish these reports to a file share, SharePoint library or other locations.

The Veeam Essentials bundle is the perfect companion to VMware Essentials that includes three most popular products for small businesses, at one affordable price.
Veeam Backup & Replication is the first enterprise-ready solution that combines backup and replication in a single product for fast recovery of your VMware ESX servers. Backup is easy, but recovery can be hard - and that's when the clock is ticking loudest. But with Veeam Backup & Replication, fast recovery is easier than you ever thought possible.
Veeam Reporter automatically discovers and collects information about your VMware Infrastructure 3 environment, its components and configuration settings, and provides comprehensive visual reports for analysis, documentation and decision-making support. The product is designed for professional use by ESX consultants, administrators, system integrators and datacenter managers. Veeam Reporter extends the capabilities of VMware VirtualCenter Maps, and offers you convenient reports in different formats. The reports are essential for current infrastructure analysis and planning, troubleshooting, change management and inventory.
Veeam Monitor is an easy-to-deploy, framework-independent VMware monitoring solution designed to meet the day-to-day needs of VMware administrators. Built from the ground up specifically for the virtual world, Veeam Monitor provides support for troubleshooting and issue resolution, as well as trend reporting and capacity planning - equipping you to proactively manage Virtual Infrastructure 3 (VI3) and vSphere system health and performance today and over the long term.

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