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VMware Horizon Air Cloud-Hosted Hosted Apps - Addon Subscription (1 Month) - 5 Servers (20 VCPU, 30GB VRAM, 100GB HD) - DSD-AAHAP-01MT0-C1S

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$4,325.00 $4,133.17
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Addon Subscription

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  • Multi-tenancy
    Multi-tenancy is a must for cloud delivery. The Horizon DaaS Platform lets service providers provision a secure environment for tenant entitlements. The tenant receives: Dedicated VLAN, Dedicated Filer, Dedicated compute(depending on the type of Windows desktop delivered), Dedicated access portal and Dedicated access gateway.
  • Single management: multi-desktop models
    The solution provides a single platform for provisioning and managing multiple workspaces, including: Full VDI desktops, Shared session desktops(RDS), Windows Server desktops and Individual applications.
  • Tiered role separation
    The Horizon DaaS Platform supports full role separation across the service provider, IT and end user. Desktop management can be handled by the end company or a managed service provider.
  • Multi-data center management
    In addition to scaling within a data center, the technology enables geographic scalability across data centers. This is important for servicing customers with geographically dispersed users and for maintaining business continuity. Should one data center go down, the other data center provides employee access to desktops and hosted apps without interruption.
  • DaaS Platform software components
    There are four major components to the Horizon DaaS Platform: Resource Manager, used by service providers to manage the infrastructure; Access Manager and Desktop Manager, with which tenants manage user connections, virtual desktops and hosted apps respectively; and the Service Grid Backbone, the essential element for ensuring conflict-free connections and security between service provider and tenant components.

VMware Horizon DaaS Platform for Service Providers delivers Windows desktops and hosted apps as a cloud service to any user anywhere, on any device.
VMware Horizon DaaS Platform for Service Providers is the only virtual desktop platform built for delivering desktops and applications as a cloud service.

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